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WHMCS sell in multiple currencies for the same client

# Hi there,
# So recently I ran into this weird scenario where I had to sell Product A in USD and Product B in EUR for same client on my website (in current WHMCS currency system the client can choose 1 currency at registration and have to create new account using new Email to use another currency).
# Unfortunately WHMCS don't have such feature due to its core design (database structure) and I couldn't find an addon to help with this scenario.
# I had to use my brain to figure out something so I came up with this solution .
# Basically we will use our licensed WHMCS installation to work with multiple databases based on client cookie we set through a small php script and then redirect coming client to requested WHMCS page.

# Pros
# * -> With this solution you can share your current clients with sub installations through DB Views (or you can your clients spreaded over multi databases)  .
# * -> You can run unlimited numbers of WHMCS licenses on same installation …