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Friday, February 1, 2019

Google Analytics Console not working for new accounts

UPDATE : Issue has been fixed by google on 02/02/2019.

Today I tried to setup Google analytics for this blog using a newly created account. however looks like Analytics Console is encountering some weird bug with AngularJS Service Dependency Injection .

to reproduce this issue try to login to an account with no Analytics enabled through this URL :

it will hang at this page
Figure 1
In console you can see this url pointing to angularjs docs with 404 error .$injector/unpr?p0=firebaseProjectQuotaProvider%20%3C-%20firebaseProjectQuota

apparently google is using internal AngularJS version and that's why we are getting 404.

if we change the angluarjs version to publicly available one 1.6.4 :$injector/unpr?p0=firebaseProjectQuotaProvider%20%3C-%20firebaseProjectQuota

we will be introduced with nice looking docs page explaining what AngularJS is encountering : 
Unknown provider: firebaseProjectQuotaProvider <- firebaseProjectQuota

 I couldn't find firebaseProjectQuotaProvider in js source code but I found firebaseProjectQuotaService registered as Dependency Inject in this URL :

I guess google analytics web app is asking for wrong service name (firebaseProjectQuotaProvider) instead of (firebaseProjectQuotaService) .

I already reported this to google via feedback from that page but not sure if it was sent.

I also tried that url from account with analytics already provisioned and the console loads just fine.

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